Download the New Construction Submission Form

The New Construction Submission Form is a “fill and save” pdf document.  Please fill it out completely and email to or print and mail it to Rio de Bella HOA or drop it in the mailbox at 7400 S.W. 112th, Oklahoma City, OK 73173


Due to an error in the original document, the Declaration of Covenants erroneously stated that the side setback was a minimum of 5 feet.  This does not comply with the building codes of Oklahoma City.  Paragraph 6 on page 2 of the Declaration of Covenants was amended January 23, 2009 to read:

No dwelling shall be located on a Lot nearer to any street than the minimum building setback lines for the Lot as shown on the Plat therefore. Furthermore, the following minimum building setback shall be observed (1) minimum 15 foot setback from side Lot line and (2) minimum 20 foot setback from rear Lot line.  Maximum building setback from the front property line shall be 150 feet, unless a greater setback is required to accommodate the pipeline easement.  All driveways must be made of concrete.



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The Rio De Bella Neighborhood HOA